The currency used in the Gambia is Dalasi, the largest note is 100 Dalasi, (D).

It’s best to change money at banks or exchange bureaus. Both offer about the same rate. Avoid changing on the black market. In Banjul and around the coastal area you can find several banks with ATMs that accept Visa cards (the withdrawal limit is usually D3000). It’s best to change before heading upcountry, where exchange facilities and ATMs are rare.

Here are some examples of prices (2011):

  • Shared taxi shorter distances in coastal area: 7 Dalasi
  • Hired taxi shorter distances: 50-100 Dalasi
  • Shared 7 seat car Barra to Basse: 350 Dalasi per person
  • Baguette in local shop: 5 Dalasi
  • Meal in local restaurant: 25-50 Dalasi
  • Meal in restaurant: 100-500 Dalasi
  • Bottle of bear in bar: 45Dalasi
  • Hotel, double room, budget: 300-500Dalasi

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