Ongoing Projects 

+ fluoride 

According to the world health organization, WHO, dental caries can be prevented effectively through establishment of fluoride programmes such as salt fluoridation.

Afrikaada TeethSavers (ATS)  in collaberation with FIOHG (Futur in our Hands Gambia) provide young schoolschildren in schools in Soma with fluoridated salt in the schoollunches. This way all students will have a daily intake of fluoride and a chance of reduction of dental caries. A key to make this work is to work with and educate the adults around the kids – family and school staff.

At the moment the project involves 1100 schoolchildren at the schools Soma Proper LBS and Soma New LBS.

Oral treatment and information

A poor dental status have been shown to have a major impact on quality of life. For example, children might find it embarrassing to laugh, having difficulties to chewing or even so much pain that they must stay home from school. These dental problems can be prevented and usually easily treated, but because there is no access to dental care and in many cases, knowledge of how preventive care it is a continuing problem. Our volunteers go to schools and health centres to give information and instruction and to aid those with oral pain.

Previous Projects:

National pathfinder survey of dental caries prevalence and treatment needs in The Gambia, the age group 35 – 44 years” is a survey done 2006 by dental students Maria Carlsson och Cecilia Blom at Umeå University as their final essay.

Survey of dental caries prevalence, dietary and oral hygiene habits among urban and rural 5 and 12-years old children in The Gambia” was done 2003 by dental students Silvio Kosovic and Angelica Nilsson-Andersson at Department of Paediatric Dentistry, Karolinska Institutet, as their final essay.