See and do

The gambia has a beatiful shoreline with nice beaches perfect to spend lazy days sunbathing and swimming. When you get bored you can visit the tranquil fishing villages Tanji or Kartong are filled with colorful handmade wooden fishing boats and local fishermen. Fishing is a popular activity and can be done from the beach or a boat. The markets of Banjul, Serrekunda and Atlantic Coast can keep you busy a whole day with local products and fabrics and a chance for you to sharpen your negotiation skills.

The Gambia has a rich birdlife and many bird-lovers come every year to see the over 300 bird species. The Gambia has several nature reserves, such as  Kiang West National Park and River Gambia National Park (also known as Baboon Island). One option is to take a pirogue (traditional canoe) on the river through the mangrove-lined wetlands. The historical islands of Georgetown and James Island are two of the former slave islands in the region and well worth a visit.

Religion and culture are important parts of the everyday life in The Gambia. There are often naming ceremonies, weddings and other celebrations, and if you stay long enough you’ll most likely be able to attend one. Gambians are known for their excellent music as well as dancing, and you can either attend a concert or take classes. The Gambia is a muslim country, around 90% of the population practice islam. Even the smallest villages have a mosque and praying is a natural part of the day.