The staple food in The Gambia is rice, and thanks to the shoreline and river, fish and seafood is common. You can try the typical Gambian dishes like ”domodah”, fish or chicken cooked in a creamy and rich


peanut sauce, or ”benachin”, similar to fried rice with either fish or beef served with eggplant and bitter tomato.


Local breakfast can be bought in the stalls on the side of the road, baguette with different fillings like omelett, bean cake, fish, beef or bean sauce.

Various fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year. Depending on which season you come to The Gambia, you have the chance to try the sweet and juicy papayas, mangoes, orange or watermelons.


The Gambia has it’s own beer, Julbrew, and the same brewery also produces Guiness. Western and International food are avalaible in the restaurants, especially in the costal area. As a vegetarian or vegan it might be difficult to keep a strict diet, especially on the countryside. If you eat fish, there is no problem eating the Gambian food.